Hand Crafted,
Canned Cocktails

100% Natural Ingredients!
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Restaurants, Bars, Event Spaces, etc...

Custom recipes, artwork, and labels to add a lil' zest to your brand!


Try our delicious canned cocktails!

Our meticulously crafted beverages will rival any cocktail you would expect to find at your favorite bar. They are balanced with real fruit juice, high quality alcohol and inspired by our favorite classics.

It's a cocktail ,#notaseltzer

How We Started

Our small company got started during the pandemic helping bars and restaurants stay in business while giving their guests a memorable signature cocktail experience during the shut down. Slowly, this concept has evolved into bringing our signature drinks right to your doorstep. We are proud of how far we’ve come! Many years of bartending experience, coupled with science and care has led to our creation of innovative drink recipes. Made with 100% real natural ingredients and combined with our house made spirits, our unique cocktails are ready whenever you want them!